Opportunity Center helps those in need



Opportunity Center helps those in need

From El Paso Times Opinion Section
Heroes live among the community of El Paso providing opportunities for those who are in need.
The Opportunity Center for the Homeless is a shelter that serves the community of El Paso 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year.
The shelter was established on Jan. 3, 1994, and has made a difference since then. It’s not just considered a shelter but a safe house that provides mental, medical, and transportation services.
The Opportunity Center serves nearly 124,000 meals and provide close to 102,000 nights of sleep over the year.
As a current volunteer of this program I’ve noticed the difference we’ve made in the lives of those we had the privilege to serve. When I first got involved I began by bringing a few things to the office that I no longer had a use for.
I encourage everyone to get involved. Volunteering a few hours of your time or making monthly donations to the shelter can change someone’s world.
Thank you to all of the organizations who sponsor and volunteers that make this happen serving our community.
Juan Espinoza
Lower Valley

Homeless FoodShare Committee

Join our FoodShare Committee.  We provide three meals a day, seven days a week and it’s only possible because of the kindest of our volunteers in our FoodShare Committee.  Please visit our website and see our events calendar to see the wonderful groups that help feed the homeless.

The committee helps groups of people to come together to either provide food, and / or serve meals.  These are usually work groups and church groups.  These groups contact our FoodShare Commttee to schedule a day time to come in.

Please click on the below links for more information:

FoodShare Committee

Events calendar

Walker with seat needed; In-Kind donation

The Opportunity Center is grateful to our many donors and supporters who help us care for the homeless. In addition to monetary donations, we are always in need of a variety of in-kind donations for our men’s and women’s emergency shelters.

We are in need for couple walkers, preferably with seats. Some of the homeless we care for are elderly and fragile. If you happen to have a used walker that is not being used, please consider donating it to the homeless. Come visit us at 1208 Myrtle Avenue. Thank you so much!



Have a Happy and Safe Weekend

Everyone have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend.  Please know that we will be open if you would like to donate any In-kind donation.

We are located at 1208 Myrtle Avenue and best way is to deliver in the entry located in the back where the alley is at.

Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others.
~Henry Drummond


Thank you!


?Thank You All? to our supporters and friends that has helped us out through the years! We deeply appreciate your generosity. You have helped us keep 350+ homeless men, women, and children from the streets.

With the loss on federal funding, your generosity is still needed.