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Quick Contact

Program Coordinator

Rose Mary Gurrola

Willie Sanchez Rosales Family Center

510 S. Oregon, El Paso, Texas 79901


Founded on September, 2013

Located in the heart of downtown El Paso our family center is home to dual-parent families with children.

This one-of-a-kind program is an emergency shelter keeping families together by working as a team to enable their return to the community as selfreliant citizens.

By keeping children and parents together, we reduce the traumatic stress on parents and anxiety
on children.

Our mission is to provide safe and secure shelter, as well as assist both parents in finding employment and permanent homes.

The family shelter curriculum involves four areas of priorities which are economic growth, employment,
family cohesiveness, and health.

Parents are also offered job preparation and training skills, self-help programs, support groups, individualized support services, and treatment programs as needed.

The Willie Sanchez-Rosales Family Center maintains a strong support system forged with a family-like
atmosphere where residents live, work, and assists each other to develop resources and skills to keep
permanent independent living arrangements and better quality care of their children.

Weekly meetings with families provide a foundation for discovering particular needs, capabilities, and
special needs of children who are often moving through a traumatic experience and struggling to adapt to being without a home, starting a new school, making new friends, and/or discovering themselves.

The staff helps the residents develop a specific self-sufficiency plan based on the needs and goals of each family. No matter what the situation is, we are always ready to help!