Clothes Closet

We are always grateful to those who can donate clothing items that directly impact the lives of the people we serve. This closet is totally dependent on the donations received and the volunteers who run it. It offers free clothes to anyone and everyone who need them. Each year our closet coordinators provide over 24,000 clothing items to men, women, elderly, and children from our community to improve their lives.

We gladly accept all sizes of new or gently used clothes for men, women, and children from new born up to 16 years. Donations are tax-deductible and can be dropped off at 1208 Myrtle Avenue.

Our most needed items for both ladies and men:

1. Blue jeans
2. Other Casual pants
3. T-shirts
4. Ladies tops
5. Sweat shirts-Sweaters
6. Casual men’s shirt
7. New underwear

8. Socks
9. Tennis shoes-Boots
10. Flip flops
11. Kids Clothes and Shoes
12. Backpacks
13. Hats/baseball caps
14. Rain coats

And for the winter season:

1. Coats
2. Jackets
3. Scarfs and Earmuffs
4. Gloves and Hats

5. Undershirts
6. Thermals for adults and children
7. Blankets

Other Personal Care Items:

1. Blankets, towels, sheets, washcloths
2. Diapers & Pull ups (all sizes)
3. Adult Diapers
4. Razors
5. Deodorant – men’s and women

6.Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
7. Shampoo and Conditioner
8. Feminine hygiene products

Click here to print this list

At the Opportunity Center for the Homeless we help set up people in housing and help provide everything they may need. We are able to receive donations of small appliances and household items.