Have a Happy and Safe Weekend

Everyone have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend.  Please know that we will be open if you would like to donate any In-kind donation.

We are located at 1208 Myrtle Avenue and best way is to deliver in the entry located in the back where the alley is at.

Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others.
~Henry Drummond


Thank you!


?Thank You All? to our supporters and friends that has helped us out through the years! We deeply appreciate your generosity. You have helped us keep 350+ homeless men, women, and children from the streets.

With the loss on federal funding, your generosity is still needed.


Homeless Women

We have nearly 60 homeless women that live here in our emergency and transitional living center shelters. A lot of them are fragile who suffer from some disabling condition. Some of the women are elderly. All the women have nowhere to go and depend on shelter and meals from us. They have made a home in our shelter and we help those that can get their own place. It takes some of the women months to get there and it may take years for the one most fragile.

One of our homeless women recently turned 85 years old. She has no family and was brought in 8 years ago released from the hospital. She had an injured hip. Thankfully she recovered from that. Getting her to be on her own is not likely to happen. And for this reason, our emergency shelter does not have a time limit.

With federal funding going away, we need the help to raise funds. Would you consider a monthly contribution of $15? How about $25 or $50? Which one fits your budget best in order to give monthly? If you give $15, that breaks down to 49 cents a day. We are looking for partners to donate monthly. Please visit our website and when you make a donation, consider making it a monthly donation. Our website is set up to make donating easy.

We are interested in partnering with you.  We feel you need to know more about our operation and how you can help.  Please feel free to contact us at contact@homelessopportunitycenter.org and ask us any questions.  Please donate as much as you can to help us.  Click Here To Donate

Elderly Homeless

Donations to help the elderly homeless — we urgently need your help.  The homeless population varies at the Opportunity Center for the Homeless, but there is an increase of elderly homeless.  Our mission is to help those who can move forward, and protect those that cannot.  Our elderly are those that need the most protection and help.  We truly appreciate if you can visit our website and donate.

The change in federal dollars has caused us to lose funding for our small transitional shelter for single women, putting 16 elderly and fragile women at risk that they would be on the streets if we had to close.  So we have begun an internal reorganization to combine two of our shelters and unite these fragile women with women who are younger and stronger and able to offer support services as necessary. What we hope this will do is create a large “family unit” of 29 single women that will eat and live together.  To support this concept, we have received a number of churches and groups that are jumping in to bring in the needed supplies and resources.  There is no way that we can let these fragile women return to the streets.