Housing Services

The Opportunity Center Housing Coordinator is dedicated to assisting clients in transitioning out of the shelter setting and obtaining stable permanent or transitional housing in the community. The various programs of the Opportunity Center work to identify and refer eligible clients to our Housing Coordinator for placement assistance. In addition, referrals for transitional and permanent housing come from many different agencies and organizations that make up the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless. The Housing Coordinator sees an average of over 40 clients a month!

Primary placement options for homeless clients are within the Opportunity Center transitional living and permanent housing programs. Through a range of programs designed to serve single men, single women, the elderly, mentally ill, veterans, and individuals recovering from alcohol/drug abuse, the Opportunity Center is able to place a total of 150 individuals in permanent or transitional housing units.

Other housing options for homeless clients are provided through the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso. The Housing Coordinator works with these two entities to identify openings within supportive housing units for homeless clients. Although limited housing availability makes placing low-income homeless clients a challenge, the Opportunity Center Housing Services program is committed to ensuring that as many homeless persons as possible are assisted in transitioning to quality, safe, and affordable housing.

Corporate Sponsors

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