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Veterans Services

The Veterans Services Program at the Opportunity Center operates in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide housing and supportive services to homeless veterans. Many of the homeless clients at the Opportunity Center are former veterans in need of specialized care and assistance. Our veterans services staff coordinates with the VA to ensure clients are able to access pension benefits, health care, mental health counseling and treatment, substance abuse treatment, and other supportive services.

In addition, to best serve this population, the Opportunity Center works together with the VA through a grant program for homeless veterans with special needs. Part of the program involves placing veterans who qualify in our Veterans Transitional Living Center (VTLC). The VTLC designates half of its rooms to homeless veterans with chronic mental illness and half to homeless veterans with no mental health diagnosis. Veterans living at the VTLC are moving towards self-sufficiency either by working, participating in a training program, or going to school. They are able to stay for up to two years, and work closely with a case manager who assists them in identifying and working towards their goals.

Once veterans have completed the transitional living program, they are placed in permanent housing, often with the help of the VA. As part of the continuum of care for these veterans, the VA continues to provide supportive services to veterans who have transitioned into permanent housing spaces.

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