The Impact Of Your Gifts

For each dollar you donate to us you help us feed a homeless individual 3 times a day in one of our 10 programs.

$      1 Provides meals to an individual for one day in one of 11 programs.
$    10 Funds an evening of lodging, with three hot meals and support services to one woman.
$    25 Helps to offer three meals for a day for the men within the Safe Zone.
$    50 Delivers daily support services through intensive case management.
$  100 Pays for shelter and services for 10 homeless individuals, now in school or working.
$   285 Gives an evening of shelter for all grandmothers in our La Casa de las Abuelitas program.
$   385 Grants an evening of shelter for all families within the Willie Sanchez Rosales Family Center.
$1,990 Offers an evening of shelter for all men within our emergency shelter – averaging 150 individuals per evening.