Mental Health Services

PATH –Substance Abuse LOGO

Aliviane Inc. offers drug screening, assessment of needs, case management, and referrals to appropriate providers in order to stabilize the homeless substance abuser.

Most substance abuse clients have co-occurring disorders, mental illness and substance abuse, that requires significant intervention.

This program conducts client site visits and street outreach. The goal of the program is to help stabilize the client in a transitional living environment.


WRAP or Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a program designed as a prevention and wellness process for people with a mental health diagnosis to live a fulfilling life. The program aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health diagnoses, as well as provide a toolbox to aid with the presence of symptoms as well as build a strong support network.

The WRAP program at the Opportunity Center is an eight-week course that involves intense case management, crisis and post-crisis planning, life skills, and support groups with a presence of peer support.

WRAP is an evidence-based program that can be utilized to address chronic mental or physical issues including homelessness.