Supportive Housing

For over a decade, the Opportunity Center for the Homeless in collaboration with private and public entities implemented a new approach to addressing chronic homelessness in El Paso County. This program targets chronically homeless individuals who have been homeless for a period of one year or more and tend to have high incidences of mental illness, addictions, and/or physical disabilities.

This Housing First Program provides permanent housing, with on-going intensive case management, and solution-focused services for these individuals. Our experience has shown that once our clients have stable housing, they begin to work on achieving other goals and move forward in their life.

Our living centers provide our clients with the opportunity to live in their own apartment within the community, or in a secure and self-contained environment sharing communal areas such as the kitchen, lounge, laundry room, and garden. Permanent and Supportive housing options allow homeless individuals to work, go to school, or be protected, and ultimately move on in life if able.

The Opportunity Center for the Homeless is the largest providing of housing beds to the homeless in the region. In doing so, we also benefit our community by reducing the demand on hospital emergency room services, jails and court system, and other human service agencies.

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