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Education Program and On-Site Classes

Many clients of both the Opportunity Center and agencies of the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless wish to increase their educational level, and they are invited to participate in free on-site classes. These classes are provided in a large classroom as well as in a computer lab located within the shelter facility. The main focus of the classes is on language and computer skills. The classes play a vital role in providing homeless clients with some of the skills they need to transition out of homelessness.

To best meet the educational needs of our clients, a team of education counselors meets with clients about their educational goals, provides screening to determine their education levels, and then places them in the appropriate classes. Many of our homeless clients are interested in obtaining their General Education Degree (GED). The education counselors provide clients with the opportunity to take a practice exam to determine their level, and then refer them to tutoring through the El Paso Community College to work on any areas they may need extra practice. These counselors also help clients who wish to attend college with the college entry process and applications for financial aid and grant funding.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are often the first step for other homeless clients who have primary language skills in a language other than English. Once they are able to increase their English language skills, these clients are better prepared to work towards a GED, seek employment, and improve their level of functioning.

El Paso Community College (EPCC) helped to establish the Opportunity Center and remains a consistent contributor and supporter of the educational programs we offer. EPCC collaborates with our staff to increase the educational opportunities available to homeless clients.

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