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Welcome to our El Paso Resource Directory for People Experiencing Homelessness. This resource directory is designed to be an ever-evolving guide of services available for the most in need in El Paso County and surrounding communities.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the ever-changing nature of programs, organizations, and agencies, no guarantee is given that all information is up-to-date and accurate. The directory is meant to be a GUIDE, so contacting the agencies prior to referral is recommended.

Homeless Outreach Consortium

Street outreach is a planned, strategic, and organized multi-agency effort supported by the latest technology to help a greater number of homeless individuals in our community.

With a strong housing orientation, the street outreach consortium provides a critical access point into the homeless service delivery system for those people who are not in shelters or who are at risk of homelessness.

This collaborative effort aims to free up first responders to attend to other emergencies, while concurrently helping that individual get connected to solutions to homelessness.

Coordinated access is a shared process designed to coordinate homeless intake, assessments, and referrals to housing and services, to include emergency shelter as part of a community-wide, crisis response system. This project includes:

A team of highly trained street outreach workers that are sourced from the four partners who are trained on the services available through partners sector-wide.

A program that incorporates a singular triage tool under the currently adopted community practices.

A program that will incorporate Geographical Information System (GIS) or similar tools to map the homeless population within our community. This will ensure effective service delivery and coordination of services.

A focus on known areas of concentration (i.e. Downtown El Paso).