Assessment & Case Management

The entry point to social services for our homeless clients begins at the front desk of the emergency shelter. All new clients, when they first arrive, are interviewed by a staff member who is performing the intake. The intake helps us better understand where a client is coming from and identify their goals and needs.

Once clients are verified as homeless, they are eligible to receive any of the Opportunity Center’s supportive services, including medical, mental health, legal, counseling, substance abuse, education, employment, housing, and transportation. To help clients navigate this system of services, a team of social service staff spends time on the main floor of the shelter to help direct clients to the services they need and connect them to the staff members who can best assist them.

The caseworkers at the Opportunity Center meet with over a dozen new clients each week! Caseworkers spend time with clients to better understand their situations and help them identify goals, navigate systems, apply for identification documents, and access programs that can assist them. Our clients have a wide variety of needs and goals and are often coming from challenging situations. The caseworker staff team is dedicated to providing support and encouragement to all clients as they take steps towards transitioning out of homelessness.